What is a CDL

A CDL Advisor is a cutting-edge technology operating with a super intelligent algorithm, specially designed to match commercial drivers with the most suitable job for them. A CDL Advisor uses particular truck driver's information such as preferred pay, hometime, benefits, equipment and much more to find the best paying truck jobs.


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What makes us different?

Drivers, are you irritated by the constant and unsuccessful search for your dream job? Do you feel frustrated by its pursuit on countless websites and job boards? Would you prefer talking to somebody who can support and guide you? You are at the right place.

In the commercial driving industry, as in any business, there are underwater stones, which you don't even know about until you have already signed a contract and it's too late. How about the times when you didn't feel comfortable at work, because of unreliable equipment, long night shifts, extra heavy loads, deductions of your paycheck, no fridge or microwave in the truck to keep food enjoyable or even no pets allowed on board? How would you feel if you had a specific checklist, to begin with, and you knew upfront what you are getting yourself into? This is exactly what you receive from us. The information about the 'little' things is what sets us apart from the rest. You will know what you apply for even before you do it because let's face it, you should only apply for the jobs, which suit you best.


How does it work?

We gather information about the job offers (OTR, local, regional, team, solo, owner-operators) from hiring companies and assemble it into their profile. This information will then be entered and registered into our super intelligent system, to ease the life of truck drivers. All we need to do to know what you need as a truck driver is to have a short call with you. Your wishes will be documented, without asking for personal information such as SS number, CDL number, employment history, etc. After gathering all the data we need - our brilliant algorithm works its magic - coordinating and matching your profile with the most suitable position for you. You will then receive the offer's details, and we can discuss all the fine points around the job. Once you are satisfied with what we have to offer, we will set up an account and send you your username and password, so you can manage your profile and enter a more detailed information about yourself. After all the required data has been registered, we establish a direct connection between you and the prospective employer to finalize the deal.


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Are you tired of the endless search for reliable truck drivers? Do you wish somebody could just do it FOR YOU? Then you are in luck because this is exactly what we specialize in.