How much money can a CDL Truck Driver in the USA earn?

(last updated December 26, 2017)


The medium CDL Truck Driver income in the USA is roughly $64,257 annually.




Pay specifics results from 4,601,562 files aspects received instantly from representatives, drivers, and present and past employment work offers on for the last 24 calendar months.

Just remember that take-home amounts are estimations according to numerous job listings provided by CDL Advisor. These kinds of numbers are provided to the CDL Advisor clients for the advantage of generalized comparing only. Base pay might vary by the administration, and you need to advise the hiring manager for specific wage totals.

Of course, the competition and the constant shortage of truck drivers in the industry, as well as the limited driving hours regulated by the ELD mandate, leads to higher compensations for the drivers. The average income is expected to increase significantly in 2018.


CDL has noted a significant rise in the offered pay by a large number of companies as well as offerings with 10k to 15K sign-on bonuses.  It is no doubt that the ELD mandate will lead to higher prices of the freight loads.  The trucking companies have started to invest in the development of terminals for hook & drop and trailer exchange to deliver freight on time and not lose business.

Besides all of the numbers stated above, we see job offers which are paying up to $159,000 per year (including the sign-on bonuses). Also, it is still an option for the drivers to choose the way they prefer to get paid: on W2 or 1099 form. The difference between both payment methods is a subject of another article.





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