Must-Knows For Every Owner-Operator

Owner-operators do not just have to drive trucks for a living, they also have to possess special abilities in managing a business. An O/O truck driver has a great deal of obligation which various other truck drivers who are hired as company drivers do not have to stress about.


As an independent owner, one of the most problematic and challenging tasks is keeping documents.

Proper documentation is a requirement of any service, correct recordkeeping is called for to be DOT certified. You should be all set for a DOT safety review on your business at any time. There are various trucking monitoring software applications that make document-keeping an effortless job. Trucking software aids a trucker in tracking earnings, costs, upkeep, freight carriers, freight brokers, as well as tax obligations. It also allows an owner-operator to swiftly access previous hauling tasks and their tariff to aid choice-making on present trucking jobs much easier. One more advantage to utilizing trucking software program is that all of the important documents as well as calls are with you on-the-go and not back home in an archive cabinet.

Another concern for owner-operators is truck insurance.

Paying the insurance costs is hustle-free once you’ve got it. Insurance coverage representatives will not deliberately inform the truck driver about any insurance rate reductions, as they would in case of tariff increase. To be on the safe side, you should contact your insurance company at least once a year, asking for any insurance-rate discounts. If no lower rates are available, make sure to mention to the insurance representative, that you will search around for some other insurance offers. Typically, the agent will quickly find a new rate for you. Taking the time to do this, you will equip yourself with a much lower insurance price at this or another insurance company.

Additionally, appropriate truck care is essential to any company owner.

Trucks are both an owner-operator’s office and residence. Getting a flat tire hundreds of miles away from a service station, will not only be costly but also extremely time-consuming. An extensive pre-trip examination before each trucking job can wind up conserving you cash as well as your precious time. Guaranteeing that normal maintenance on your truck is done is extremely important. Actually, it is simple to neglect truck support, but you should avoid making this mistake. Attempting to undertake as many jobs as possible and also maintaining all the document records, leaves little time to do much else. However, taking the time for proper upkeep will spare you countless expenses in the long run, as well as keep you from failing the DOT examination. In addition, you may consider the option of buying the new generation of E-trucks like Tesla or Nikola One. You can see their face to face comparison here.


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