10 Reasons You Need To Get Your CDL And Start Driving A Truck Now

Have you been searching for a new career lately? Are you tired of your 9 to 5 job? Or are you just sick and tired of the routine of your work life? If you have been asking yourself these questions, then it might be time for you to consider driving a truck for a living.

In-arguably 2018 is the best time to join the trucking industry as a CDL truck driver. There is more to trucking than the already known reasons (which we will address nevertheless), but also the present-time especially beneficial conditions of the long-hauling transportation industry.


Below we will list the top 10 reasons you need to become a CDL truck driver.


# 1 – Freedom


Regardless if you are a company driver or owner-operator – your manager will not be looking at your hands. In other words – you might still have a boss (unless you are an owner-operator), but he is not in your face every day. He might tell you that a freight needs to be safely delivered, and set a time-frame for that, but how you do it within these conditions is foremost up to you. In case you become an owner-operator, or an independent contractor, you will be your own boss, so the freedom aspect will be even higher. Take a look at our Must-Knows For Every Owner-Operator to see if this career path would be suitable for you.

Additionally, despite the choice you decide to make at a given point of your trucking career  -  become an owner-operator or a company driver – you will always have the opportunity to switch to the one or the other.


# 2 – No more 9 to 5


We know that 9 to 5 is not for everybody. Most truck drivers chose this career and lifestyle because going to work every day at the same time and place was getting the least boring, and sometimes even unbearable. You will have shifts, and they will always be at different times, your moving office will be at a different place every second of every day. Diversity will finally become a part of your work-life!


# 3 – Great Money


Everybody is waiting for this part. Sure, it’s not everything in a job, but it is a nice bonus to have a high wage, in spite of all the other perks in the trucking profession. Even if you are new in the industry – you will be earning from $45.000 to $55.000 a year. Experienced drivers could make more than $100.000. And the money part of this career is looking only brighter and brighter – with the current truck drivers shortage caused mainly by the ELD Mandate; we are experiencing a rise in freight prices of over 60{06e1cb09d3d289234b1db2b95ea92b6dc098ad25a5acb6e062c4ae0fabcaadb9} compared to last year. We know! This is amazing news for truck drivers and especially for owner-operators!


# 4 – No risk of becoming unemployed

If you know any truck drivers, it must have surely crossed your mind, that their in-between-jobs time is minimal, if at all. As mentioned in the point above, there has always been a truck drivers shortage (except for the 2008 recession), which is rising immensely since the beginning of 2018. Our sources expect this trend to continue throughout the whole 2018, although drivers deficit has been a fact in all previous years as well.


So what could be better than joining a career and not having to worry much about your future? Right, nothing.


# 5 – Travel


So you want to travel through our beautiful country for a living? Done.


This is probably one of the best things that long-hauling has to offer you – see a different city and landscape every day. If you have to drive IL to OR this week, it might be IL to CO next time. The beauty of discovering places you would otherwise not visit is a big plus for people trying to escape their gray work-life routine. Traveling on this job is precisely the reason why many regard trucking as a lifestyle instead of “just a job.”

# 6 Lower taxes for truck drivers


President Trump has emphasized the importance truck drivers and the industry as a whole hold for the U.S. economy and everyday life of Americans. In an ATA (American Trucking Association) organized event on 11 Oct. 2017 in Harrisburg, PA, the President complimented and recognized truck drivers saying, “We want lower taxes, bigger paychecks, and more jobs for American truckers and for American workers.  It’s happening.


Nothing gets done in America without the hardworking men and women of the trucking industry.  Do we agree with that?  Do we agree? Thank you so much — job you do.” He continued saying, that his tax plan will greatly affect truck drivers and according to one of Trump’s officials, truckers will be the number-one beneficiaries in the new tax reform plan.

# 7 Benefits


Most trucking companies offer significant benefits for you and your family. Not to mention, you get paid leave, if you are working as a company driver.


# 8 Honored job


You read what President Trump said about truck drivers, right? If it weren’t for truck drivers, the economy and every-day-life of Americans would not be as we know it. The gravity of the truckers deficit was mostly felt at the end of last and the beginning of this year when produce was missing on supermarket shelves. No truck drivers – no one to transport goods – no food and supplies for the general public. So this hard-working and honest job holds great significance not just for you, but for your fellow Americans and communities all around the country.


# 9 Painless physical aspect


If you are tired of working in retail, standing on your feet for 8 hours straight, or just drained from your construction work – driving a truck is the career choice you might need to acknowledge.

Sure, most truckers do not get enough physical activity, but that is mostly up to them. You will not beat up your body with hard work – especially if you love driving – you will love doing it for a living.

#10 You can bring your pet or spouse with you


Many trucking companies allow you to bring your pet with you. This is a huge plus, because you are not lonesome by having your four-legged companion tag along. Not to mention the additional physical activity you get from bringing a dog with you. If you wish to, you can also bring your spouse – many truckers do a “family-OTR” – a team consisting of a married couple. In that case, you get to keep all of the money paid for the route!


So grasp the chance and get your CDL!

We, at CDL Advisor, are looking forward to aiding you to find the CDL truck driver job, which corresponds to all of your needs.




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